Creative Social Communities

Founded in 2006, oneweek is a boutique creative marketing agency specialising in the conceptualising and delivery of social communities.

Social communities have huge and often unquantified economic value. They can be face-to-face or digital or a hybrid.

The ownership and control of social communities, especially in the B2B space, is of increasing strategic importance. Owners of communities can control information flows and restrict access.

The challenge is to build social community brands that are compelling and become almost natural monopolies in their target niches.

oneweek has developed the tools and IP to create and deploy social community brands.

Power-brands will increasingly use social community to engage customers and build competitive barriers.



It is a human instinct to seek social community. Belonging, recognition, hierarchy, power, validating self-worth…all are a product of or associated with social community.

oneweek has evolved a unique understanding of social community and how new brands can be developed and deployed in niche B2B markets.

Current projects combine social media with more traditional offline community building blocks to create hybrid associations of either professionals or vendor organisations. Going forward we are working on a retail store concept that embraces social community, as well as an initiative to leverage and monetize the social community brands we have established.

oneweek is self-funded and all live projects are 100% owned. We will consider partnering with external organisations if the challenge is interesting.

— Jon Snow, Managing Director, OneWeek Media Limited


Jon Snow, Managing Director, OneWeek Media Limited

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